Western Australian Numismatica

medallionThe Perth Numismatic Society Inc (PNS) covers all aspects of numismatics, and is the Western Australia sponsoring society for the Numismatic Association of Australia Inc (NAA). Western Australian Numismatica is a project of the Society, setting up a repository of information on WA numismatic material and engravers (coins, banknotes, medallions, value-added tokens, badges, buttons, banknotes, Austral, Sheridan’s, Cumpston etc), to be accessible to the public to both preserve our State heritage and provide a source for future research. For each item there will be a high definition image, the usual physical details along with information on the medallist, engraver, printer, production firm and issuing authority as appropriate.

The website will be populated over the coming years.

I hope that you would be willing to contribute to the website with images and information on items in your collection, including any corrections. Please contact me with any information you might have.

There will also be a listing of items for identification, which can be located in the Identification Category. Any details on these would be much appreciated.